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we look forward to welcoming you personally to our dealership!

Some repairs need to be done quickly. We can arrange a service in advance at your desired date. We are flexible. So your request is in the best hands with us.
"The best or nothing" - SIG Auto's promise is both an incentive and a working motto. Day after day, we go the extra mile for every vehicle and every customer. This is a matter of course for us. We are specialists in the repair and maintenance of cars and commercial vehicles, as well as in vehicle sales.
Reliability and modern technology prevail. This is particularly true of used cars from us, which offer lasting, unadulterated driving pleasure thanks to the highest quality of workmanship.

The main reasons why you should choose us!

"Fast, smooth process", this is our motto, what our team stands for with their name. We do our best to process the paperwork quickly so that you can take your car as soon as possible.
Satisfied customers are the absolute priority in the business, because it makes us very happy when you get positive feedback, because it assures you that you are doing an excellent job.

Our team has been on the used car market for many years, so we know the process and how to simplify the complicated procedures and satisfy you in the fastest way.